Our BIG year — 2024 is HERE!

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Sponsorships and General Donations can be made via the link bellow! https://www.aplos.com/aws/give/ProfessionalArtisticResearchProjects/Contributions2024

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Help us GROW!

Join our community campaign today

We are currently experiencing our largest period of growth, since transitioning from a collection of creative ideas (2010), to establishing ourselves as a nonprofit in late 2014. For this reason, we're seeking small, monthly contributions to support our daily operations. From $5 to $50, your dollars do more than help to sustain operations; they act as a motivational battery pack to keep pushing.

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Help us BUILD!

Learn more about our Capital Campaign

Your one time donation to our capital campaign supports all things community. From creating more space for artists to create at Studeō PAR, to opening our outdoor movie theater and performance venue at HQ, you're helping us bring people together to celebrate the arts! 

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Volunteers are welcomed as well.

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A few places you may already know us from...


Maybe you saw us showing artwork at Northside Farmers Market?


We bounced around for a bit. Possibly ran into you then?

Food & Drink 

Maybe we connected at an art installation or #BeerBurgerBrunch?

If curious about more of our past, just click HERE for some history.